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What to Avoid After Having a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is a surgical process and has to be done under complete care and supervision of a qualified dentist. Like all surgeries, the wound caused by the tooth extraction is healed over time of proper care is taken. Besides taking medicines and rest, you need to know the things you should avoid after the extraction surgery is over. It will help you to recover fast.

Avoid brushing near the surgical spot

You should avoid brushing near the surgical spot at least for three days after the surgery is done. It will help to heal the wound faster. If you brush near the spot, there is a chance that there can be bleeding, which can induce infection there. Stroking near the wound may cause pain and irritation, which is not good as well. Instead of brushing, you may try gurgling with salt water.

Avoid hot water compress

Post-tooth extraction, you may suffer pain and inflammation in the surgery spot where tissues may get numbed and tender. You may take pain killers and antibiotic according to doctor’s prescription but hot compress on the wounded spot is a strict NO for you. You may rinse your mouth with mild cold water but forceful rinsing or spitting has to be avoided at least for next 48 hours after the extraction.

Avoid using straw

Once a tooth is surgically extracted, you can sip water or cold tea. You can try having ice cream. The cold taste will keep your irritation and pain.

Don’t take alcohol for at least next 72 hours

You should not consume alcohol or alcoholic beverage immediately after the extraction surgery. It is said that consumption of alcohol may have the negative effect of dislodging the clot form the wound area which badly affects the healing process. Equally, you should avoid smoking or chewing tobacco for the sake of oral health and quick recovery of the surgical wound.

Some foods are to be avoided

Immediately after the tooth removal surgery, you should avoid some foods and beverages for the sake of better oral health. These are,

  • Spicy foods

  • Hot beverages like Tea, coffee

  • Hard, crunchy, munchy foods.

  • Foods and dishes with sharp and tangy taste.

These are some of the points you need to avoid immediately after the tooth extraction surgery. By maintaining these restrictions, you may expect faster recovery from wound healing, gum inflammation, and numbness of jaw, etc.



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