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Common Causes Of Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a surgical process and it is about surgical removal of one or more health compromised teeth from the denture. A dental surgeon prescribes teeth extraction when maintenance and repair of the disturbed teeth turn impossible. Although there are a wide array of reasons that may lead to tooth extraction, most frequently experienced five reasons for tooth extraction are described here.

Tooth Decay

There are different reasons of tooth decay. Insufficient oral care and irregular maintenance of oral hygiene are two main triggers of teeth decay which often leads to permanent damage of teeth. However, tooth decay can be prevented if you maintain oral hygiene and regular dental care. Sometimes tooth gets affected due to calcium deficiency or vitamin insufficiency. The regular visit is the best way to prevent these health anomalies.

Gum disease

Gum diseases can be disastrous for denture and can cause severe damage to teeth and related health. In an advanced stage of gum diseases like gingivitis, gum tissues and ligaments get badly injured and it spoils denture support, which causes teeth decay. In some cases, affected teeth need to be surgically extracted for the sake of restoring normalcy in a denture.

Impacted tooth

There are several reasons behind forming an impacted tooth. Sometimes a tooth cannot erupt properly due to space problem in the denture or due to some problem a tooth may get twisted, odd angled, or it may get displaced due to certain accidents and its traumatic impact. When doctors find an impacted tooth and that is not curable, most often they prescribe for a surgical extraction of that damaged tooth.

Overcrowded denture

In many situations, overcrowded denture becomes a problem where space provision for all teeth gets complicated. In this situation, orthodontists plan for a systematic arrangement in denture so that all teeth can be properly placed and organized and surgical extraction of one or two teeth is prescribed. It is done mostly with children as well as with teenagers. There are situations when wisdom teeth need to extracted surgically for aligning overcrowded denture.

Tooth breakage

In general, if a tooth gets broken, dentists generally try their best to protect it with a dental crown. But there are situations when using a dental crown a broken tooth cannot be restored. In these cases, surgical tooth extracting is done.

These are the common reasons of tooth extraction. However, the decision of extraction should be taken by the dentist only and in extraction should be practiced in extreme condition where there is least chance to save the tooth.



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