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Types of Dental Bridges: Pros and Cons

Dental bridges are the unique connector between two teeth. Sometimes due to extraction or for any other reason gaps are created in the denture, which not only looks unsightly, these gaps are detrimental to the stability of the denture. In modern dentistry, a new kind of prosthetic device is used to bridge the gaps and these are called dental bridges.

There are different utilities of installing a dental bridge in the denture. Some of them are improving a quality of smile, increasing the overall stability of denture, enhanced convenience in chewing, creating natural makeover of irregular dental settings, etc. Depending on its uses, dental bridges are made with different materials and for different purposes, which is the reason behind the preferences of dentists for using a wide array of dental bridges.

According to leading dental surgeons, three types of dental bridges are used in modern dentistry. These are conventional (traditional) bridges, cantilever bridges, and Maryland bonded bridge.

Traditional bridges are made of porcelain or porcelain amalgamated to metal. These are fixed kind of bridge. Once installed in the denture, cannot be taken out of denture. Cantilever bridges are used when there is a single abutment tooth and a bigger zone is available surrounding this tooth.

Maryland bonded bridge is called resin bonded bridge as well and commonly it is used for alignment of frontal teeth. If the abutment teeth are hale and hearty and do not have any kind of filling Maryland bonded bridge is used by dentists.

Pros of dental bridges:

Bridges are made of non-toxic material and they look absolutely natural

Bridges maintains regularity of facial muscles

If maintained with good oral hygiene, these fixtures offer stability and support for denture and reduce the risk of developing gum diseases

Rightly placed dental bridges can improve your smile most effectively.

Bridges are less expensive than a root canal and other dental implant options.

Cons of using dental bridges:

Once done, your teeth may turn sensitive at least for next 4-5 days

If you have smoking habit, your dental bride’s longevity will be at stake,

Poor oral hygiene is a risky issue for your oral hygiene,

Have to take best possible care for installing the dental bridge and avoid the problem of discomfort.

This is all about using dental bridges. It is always wise to adhere to doctor’s recommendation for installing dental bridge in the denture off a patient.



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