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Dental Crowns and Bridges Can Restore Your Smile

Expert use of dental crowns and bridges can truly restore your smile and that is also in a painless healthy way. However, you need to avail the assistance of a specialist orthodontist to get the best result. But before you avail the restorative dental treatment, it is always better if you know how these external crowns and bridges work.

What are dental bridges and crowns?

A Tooth Bridge is a fixed type prosthetic device. Unlike dentures, which can be taken out for cleaning, dental bridges remain fixed in the denture, which only a professional dentist can remove. And a crown, as implied by the name, is used to cover a damaged or broken tooth to support its shape, alignments and sometimes for better appearance. Dental crowns and bridges work complementary to each other and help in forming a well-aligned denture that looks good and well arranged for an improved smile.

How dental crowns promotes smile?

If there is a broken or uneven tooth, it damages the natural beauty of the denture and it may damage the quality of smile. Dental crowns help in restoring the symmetry in a denture in multiple ways like:

  • By restoring a broken tooth

  • By ensuring protection for a weak and damaged tooth

  • Offers help and support for attaching a bridge

  • By providing coverage for the dental implant

  • By covering a discolored and uneven shaped teeth,

  • By wrapping a tooth that has gone through root canal treatment.

In all the ways dental crowns are used in a denture to induce symmetry, proportion, and regularity, which ultimately promotes its overall appearance, which promotes a healthy smile.

How dental bridges work?

A bridge, as in real life, is used to make up a gap in the denture. If there are missing teeth in the denture or there is a wide gap in the dental arrangement, denture looks uneven and incomplete by look, which may lead to different gum diseases as well as it may induce temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disease. Dental Bridges are usually used to restore one or more than one missing teeth. These fixed devices cover the space on the denture and project a neat and clean dental arrangement perfect or a sparkling smile. Nowadays custom built porcelain or ceramic bridges are available for use which can match the real tooth color of the user.

In all ways, dental crowns and bridges are meant for inducing better stability and balance in the denture, which improves the look and boosts its strength. This is the scientific way dental crowns and bridges can restore your natural smile.



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