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Dental grafting

Grafting in Periodontal surgery
Surgical periodontal procedures are available to stop further dental problems and gum recession, and to improve the aesthetics of your gum line.  For example, an exposed tooth root resulting from gum recession may not be causing you pain or sensitivity, but is causing one or more of your teeth to look longer than the others. In other cases, an exposed tooth root may cause severe pain because it is exposed to extremes in temperatures or different kinds of food and liquids. Traumatic occlusion can result in bone and gum loss form around a tooth as well. Once contributing factors are controlled, a soft tissue graft procedure can repair the defect and help to prevent additional recession and bone loss.

Soft tissue (gum) grafting can be done a couple of ways depending on the extent of the damage. In one method releasing incisions are made to the sides of the area being treated and the gums are stripped away from the underlying bone but remain connected either above or below. This flap is then repositioned and stitched into place. The second method involves taking gum tissue from the palate or another donor source to cover an exposed root.

In some instances of bone loss the gums will be surgically repositioned lower instead of higher on the tooth to facilitate cleaning the area easier and preventing further damage.

Bone grafting can be done to repair defects that form around teeth as periodontal disease worsens. In some instances after extractions there is insufficient bone width or depth to allow for stabilization screws (implants) to be placed. A procedure known as a sinus lift entails teasing the sinus membrane loose and placing bone grafting material in the hole, thereby reshaping the sinus and giving enough bone depth to allow the implant to be placed. Bone grafting can also be used to widen the area of the dental arch which collapsed (narrowed) after an extraction.



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