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History Of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatment has become quite popular these days because people have become profile conscious. There is no doubt that a sparkling denture helps a lot in improving your smile quality. Lots of products are available for keeping your teeth stain-free and glamorously shining with a white aura. But do you know that teeth whitening treatment is an old obsession of human being carried over since remote past? Let’s go back to that ancient era and explore the substitute of whitening products or modern teeth whitening treatment used in those old days.

Pharaohs were crazy for white teeth

In ancient Egypt beautification of the human profile was of great importance and these people use to consider white teeth as a symbol of virility, wealth, and sensuous appeal. Pharaohs were fascinated too about white teeth and they used a special toothpaste made of wine-vinegar, pumice stone, and ground oxen hooves. The oldest versions of toothbrush were chewed sticks.

Mighty Romans were fascinated by teeth whitening idea

History supports that in ancient Rome people were very much concerned about their teeth health and appearance. Romans had the habit of using a special type of chew sticks for brushing their teeth and keeping it plaque free. According to old documents, these beauty-conscious Romans used a brush and clean their denture with urine so that the ammonia in urine keeps their teeth’s whiteness intact.

Teeth whitening in Europe

A group of Nomadic people used to clean European people’s teeth by using acid and then file the teeth. Well, teeth were restored to their best white aura but it was sure that the enamel would have gone. However, this whitening treatment could not be very popular altogether.

Modern teeth whitening treatment

During late 1800s dentists started using chlorine as a bleaching agent for restoring yellowish tinge on teeth. Till 1900 it was a popular method of teeth whitening all across Europe. Post-1900 AD the use of Hydrogen Peroxide came in practice. During 1960, dentist William Klusimer invented peroxide-based different whitening agents and till 1970 it was widely popular in practice. Onward 1989, carbamide peroxide was introduced as teeth whitening agent and the treatment became more side-effect-less.

Since then credit goes to research and development capability of dentists and scientists, numerous products have been launched in the market that has facilitated teeth whitening treatment process. Some of these products are teeth whitening strip, whitening toothpaste, whitening mouthwash, etc. Different types of dental treatments have been introduced for people opting for whitening of their teeth; however, the method and treatment should be only chosen by a professional dentist.



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