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An Introduction to Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A wisdom-tooth is the last molar tooth in the human denture, and generally, wisdom teeth are four in number, positioned at the last corners of each four points of the denture. If there is any decay or space problem in a denture or if due to an accident the tooth gets damaged and the attending dentist finds the damage irrevocable, then only wisdom tooth extraction is suggested. It is a surgical process and is performed done under anesthesia.

The process of anesthesia in wisdom tooth extraction

Usually, dentists select between three options of anesthesia: these are

  • Local anesthesia: Dental Surgeon injects local anesthesia with 1-3 injections near the extraction point and makes the entire area numb. You will be fully awake but you will not find any pain during this extraction except slight pressure and limited movements.

  • Sedation anesthesia: Under this process, anesthesia is given via an intravenous line in your arm and it will suppress your conscious during the extraction process. It will be painless surge and you will have limited memory of the process. You will be given local anesthesia in your gum near extraction spot.

  • General anesthesia: In some special cases you will be given general anesthesia so that you can be fully unconscious and do not remember anything of the extraction incident. A surgical team keeps monitoring your physical condition.

How the extraction is done: a general idea

There are different levels of intricacies of the wisdom tooth extraction process and it may vary from one patient to another. However, the whole process evolves like:

  • An incision is done within the gum-tissue: it exposes the tooth and related bone

  • The bone is removed to access the tooth root

  • Sometimes the dentist divides the tooth into multiple sections so that removal becomes easier

  • The site of the extracted tooth is cleaned

  • The surgeon stitches the wound so that healing gets faster although it is optional

  • Usually, the dentist places gauze on the extraction point to control bleeding and to help faster blood clotting.

This is the process of wisdom tooth extraction. However, the complexity of the process depends on the tooth condition, general health, and your age as the patient. However, by all means, you should consult only an experienced dental surgeon to get the wisdom tooth extraction done.



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