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Stop the spread, keep your distance!

Please everyone, wake up! The sooner we all do, the sooner this coronavirus pandemic will pass. The media is doing well at telling everyone to “social distance” themselves. They are doing a lousy job though of explaining why. Think about it, it isn’t the people who are highly symptomatic that are causing the problem. They, for the most part, are already in the hospital or under self quarantine. If you are out and someone near you starts coughing, you are going to back away. Likewise, if you are around someone who is easily winded, you will likely wonder about them. Temperature screenings are too little, too late. The problem for us all are the people who have been infected but are either not showing symptoms YET, or perhaps never will. Until there are enough tests available for all of us, we will never how many of us actually have it but are symptom free. It is believed that an infected person may start shedding the virus just a couple of days after they were inoculated with it, yet they may not show symptoms for up to 14 days. That is 12 days of spreading the virus; all because they told themselves “I don’t have a fever.” We are all familiar with being presumed innocent until proven guilty from a legal sense, but that is the wrong attitude for this pandemic. Assume everyone has it and is spreading it until tests prove otherwise. Please, stay home!

Since I originally posted this on Facebook, new evidence is also out indicating that 6 feet may not be far enough, it’s more like 13 feet. Why risk it? Keep plenty of distance! Riding a bike? Don’t draft! Two real life examples illustrate why. Have you ever run into sweat from the cyclists in front of you while in a pace line? Have you ever gotten pepper spray on you that the cyclist several car lengths ahead of you used on that dog that came out after them? No one yet knows how many virus particles it takes to cause a person to become infected. This is certainly a case where it is better safe than sorry.



1935 E. Battlefield St, Suite A
Springfield, MO 65804

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