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Teeth Whitening Guide: a beginners’ manual

Teeth whitening is a modern dental service that helps your denture in looking sparkling white, it improves the quality of smile, and takes care overall dental health. Different types of whitening services are available from dental experts, which are in all way better than over the counter medicines, or home remedies for restoring teeth whiteness.

Stains that are treated by teeth whitening process

Teeth whitening treatment is applied against two types of teeth discoloration: one is extrinsic staining and the other is intrinsic staining. Extrinsic stains are treatment by mild or DYI whitening process mostly by using over the counter medicine, mild bleaching, and by using a prophylactic dental cleaning.

Intrinsic stains are caused by trauma, aging, disclosure to minerals (like tetracycline) during tooth formation and excessive ingestion of fluoride and needless to mention this area stubborn kind of stains. The intensity of teeth whitening met hid largely depends on the nature of tooth discoloration and for best result, it is to be performed by a professional dentist.

The process:

Different types of whitening methods are applied however, different whitening products are used during the process but the method tends to be the same. In this process, the special whitening gel is applied on discolored teeth and then a high-intensity light is applied on the gel. The whitening result is immediate but its recurring effect can be retained if patients practice some precautionary processes after the dentist completes his whitening process.


Although whitening of teeth is a non-surgical process, all teeth are not suitable for enjoying whitening process support. Especially if your teeth have become brittle and you have gum disease, tooth decay, etc. dental problems, you will not be permitted to use the bleach gel on your teeth. In these cases, addition restorative processes are employed.

Individuals suffering from sensitive gum and teeth, the problem of receding gums, as well as defective restorations should consult with their dentist prior using a tooth-whitening system. Patients allergic to peroxide bleach or solution should not use a peroxide based product. Even pregnant ladies are not advised to use teeth whitening treatment before their delivery. So it is always wise to consult doctor and avail whitening service under the supervision of the doctor.



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