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Tooth Extraction – Why Is It Necessary?

We all want to keep our teeth for the lifetime but somehow situations arise when surgical tooth extraction becomes inevitable for the sake of better dental health. According to the opinion of ADA (The American Dental Association), when the bad health of a tooth cannot be repaired, deliberate extraction becomes the only solution for restoring normalcy in the denture. Let’s check here the common reasons for a tooth extraction that dentists prefer to perform.

Tooth Pulp infection

Sometimes tooth pulp infection becomes one of the reasons behind a tooth extraction. Due to this problem, gum damage and decay reaches gum’s center and causes a disturbance in nerves and related blood vessels. Usually, in these cases, root canal treatment is prescribed, but if the intensity of infection becomes severe, surgical extraction of the tooth becomes a medical necessity.

Risk of infection

There are situations when due to low immunity an oral or dental infection persists for long, it becomes risky. Long enduring dental infection can be extremely dangerous and may lead to periodontal disease as well as gum cancer. In these cases, tooth extraction becomes a necessity.

Severe gum disease may cause dental decay

Different types of gum diseases can induce a negative impact on the denture. In most of the cases, medicinal treatment can help in restoring normalcy and gum decay or teeth damage can be prevented. In case due to this gum disease, if one or more than one teeth get badly damaged, which cannot be revived by medicinal backup, dentist recommend surgical extraction of these damaged teeth in order to stop further spreading of the infection and to revive oral health.

Crowding in denture

Crowding in denture often create disruption in orthodontics treatment. In these cases, dentists may prefer to extract one of two teeth of the patient in order to facilitate more space in denture and align the rest teeth with healthy and visually aesthetic impact.

Impacted tooth

If a tooth impacts gum and can’t erupt properly as there is insufficient space in the gum, often dentists take the decision to extract the teeth in order to save other teeth, gum, crowding etc. Similarly, wisdom teeth are often extracted because of the weird position in which they grow behind the molar teeth.

These are the common reasons behind surgical tooth extraction.

However, for tooth extraction in Springfield, schedule an appointment with the best dentist and should be the sole decision of the dentist because it may have several health impacts.



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